Single or double hinged leaf

test classification

Burglar resistance (EN 1628-30)  – RC3
Classification according to standard EN 1627 (opposite side of the hinges)

FR Integrity (EN 1634-1)  – E60
Classification according to standard EN 13501-2

FR Integrity and insulation (EN 1634-1)  – EI2 30
Classification according to standard EN 13501-2

Acoustics (EN 20140-3)  – 35 dB


A hinged metal door which pivoting behavior is guaranteed by two hinges with axial ball bearings. In order to ensure
the anti-intrusion effectiveness, it is included a three-point high-security lock from WINKHAUS, equipped with
tilt-claws as well as a European profile cylinder with five uncopyable keys, protected by a security escutcheon that
prevents access to the cylinder. When the door closes the lock is automatically triggered. Optionally, it is possible
to motorize the lock and associate it with an access control system. An automatic seal is embedded on the bottom
of the leaf.

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