TSN 3 & TSN 4


Single or double hinged leaf.

test classification

FR Integrity (EN 1634-1)  – E60
Classification according to standard EN 13501-2

FR Integrity and insulation (EN 1634-1)  – EI2 60
Classification according to standard EN 13501-2

Radiation Control (EN 1634-1)  – EW60
Classification according to standard EN 13501-2

Cold Sealing (EN 1634-3)  – Sa/ S200

Air Permeability (EN 1026)  – 4 – 3

Watertightness (EN 1027)  – 8A – 3A

Wind Resistance (EN 12211)  – C4

Acoustics (EN 20140-3)  – 53 dB – 42 dB

Burglar Resistance (EN 1627)  – C4

Pressure (EN 12211)  – up to 5000 Pa/ up to 3800 Pa


Hinged metal door with electro-zinc coated steel frame (1,5 mm thickness), cold-formed and construction
by welding. An intumescent seal is embedded in the frame, which ensures the necessary tightness against
flames and hot gases. The leaf, with a door stop edge in all three sides of the frame, is made of two
electro-zinc coated steel panels, ranging from 1 to 1,5 mm thick, and contains thermal insulating and
acoustic materials according to Schröders constructive system. Lateral and superior fixed panels can be
attached if its composition is similar to the leaf. The pivoting behavior of the door is ensured by two welded
hinges of the system (per leaf), with a 16 mm diameter solid steel pin and movement on thrust ball bearings,
allowing an opening up to 180º.