test classification

FR Integrity (EN 1634-1)  – E60/ E60
Classification according to standard EN 13501-2

FR Integrity and insulation (EN 1634-1)  – EI2 45/ EI2 45
Classification according to standard EN 13501-2

Radiation (EN 1634-1)  – EW60


Double acting metal door with frame made of bended electrozinc coated steel profiles (1.5mm thickness),
welded to each other.
The leaf is made of two electro-zinc coated steel panels (0.8mm thickness) and it contains thermal insulating
materials according to TRIA / PORSEG constructive system. In leaf’s top is incorporated a pivot (per leaf) that
ensures a balanced rotation.
The hydraulic door closer embedded in the pavement works as a lower pivot, allowing the double action
movement (swinging) and stopping in the middle point, when the door is closed.

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