Double hinged leaf

test classification

FR Integrity (EN 1634-1)  – E30/ E45/ E60
Classification according to standard EN 13501-2

FR Integrity and insulation (EN 1634-1)  – EI2 30/ EI2 45/ EI2 60
Classification according to standard EN 13501-2

Durability (EN 1191)  – C5

Acoustics (EN 20140-3)  – 31 dB

Air permeability (EN 1026)  – 3

Water tightness (EN 1027)  – 6A

Wind resistance (EN 12211)  – C2

Operation forces (EN 12046-2)  – 2

Torsion resistance (EN 984)  – 4

Thermal coef. (EN ISO 10077)  – 1.66 W/m².ºC)


Hinged metal door with pivoting functioning ensured by three exclusive hinges of this series. If desired,
the hinges can be concealed by extending the panel of the leaf, on all three sides in order to maintain
the symmetry of the door. May be equipped with a handle and anti-panic bar(s) or with a pair of handles.
The door closer may be apparent or hidden. If necessary, it is possible to incorporate an intumescent
grid in the leaf suitable for outdoors. If the door is placed in the exterior both a threshold and a drip
edge profile should be used.

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