Single leaf sliding door

test classification

Integrity (EN 1634-1)  – E30
Classification according to standard EN 13501-2

Integrity and insulation (EN 1634-1)  – EI2 30
Classification according to standard EN 13501-2


Metal sliding door, with and without a coplanar pedestrian door. The modular panels are made of electro-zinc coated
steel sheets (1 mm) assembled on site. The core of the modular panels contains thermal insulation materials.

The tightness against flames and hot gases is ensured by a stop made of electro-zinc coated steel sheet (2 mm)
with intumescent seals.
The system has a steel track (dimension 2 x greater than the gate width), it is fixed directly to the slab or through
pendants. The sliding door moves on the steel track through a hanger with swanneck and 4 steel wheels mounted
on ball bearings.

The locking system works with counterweights that move the gate in a controlled manner after it is released from
the electromagnetic device that holds it in the open position.
The pedestrian door movement is ensured by a hidden pivoting system 90-135-3D, concealed inside the frame
and with three- axis adjustment.

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